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Becoming a Director of Rugby in Independent Schools

With Neil Rollings

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Due to the current COVID-19 situation, we do not have any courses scheduled. We will be releasing dates as soon as regulations change.

Becoming a Director of Rugby  in Independent Schools
20% IAPS

The challenges in delivering school Rugby are more complex than ever. Recent high-profile safety concerns have challenged the assumption that participation should be compulsory, and the game in schools is under unprecedented pressure. Schools therefore require Rugby to have strong, visionary and sensitive leadership, which is why the role of Director/Head of Rugby is becoming more commonplace. However, the job is now more challenging than ever before, and being a great player or coach is no longer sufficient preparation. 

This course is aimed at teachers and coaches who have been recently appointed to this position, or who aspire to achieve this in the future. It aims to prepare them for the wider implications of the job. 

  • Director of Rugby – or Head Coach? 
  • Defining the role and its expectations
  • Leading the school Rugby programme
  • Dealing with the compulsory Rugby issue
  • Building retention: the issue of the future
  • Addressing safety concerns with science
  • Communicating benefits to parents and staff
  • Establishing priorities and measuring success
  • Making the rugby experience engaging
  • The place of non-contact Rugby
  • Building a stimulating Rugby programme
  • Leading staff, pupils, parents and heads
  • Managing expectations
  • Sports scholarships: advantages and disadvantages
  • Creating and championing coaching philosophy
  • Director of Rugby as an ambassador for the game


1 place £189 2 places £315 4 places £499

Seminar runs 10.00am – 3.30pm. Price includes lunch, refreshments and notes. Excludes VAT.

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