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The Co-curricular Assistant Head in Independent Schools

with Rick Sellers

Dates & Venues

Due to the current COVID-19 situation, we do not have any courses scheduled. We will be releasing dates as soon as regulations change.

The Co-Curricular Assistant Head in Independent Schools
20% IAPS

This seminar is intended to support newly appointed Co-Curricular Deputy or Assistant Heads – as well as teachers intending to apply for these roles this year. These are relatively new positions in schools. As a result, priorities and operating processes are often not yet firmly established. The course will look at the aims of the position, and the methods by which these can be pursued, and quality controlled, across the whole school. Frequently encountered frustrations with challenges will also be considered, alongside the various communication mechanisms and people management skills that are crucial to success.

  • What is the role of the head of Co-Curricular activity?
  • Leading the programme; administering the details
  • What does a successful programme look like?
  • Encouraging pupil involvement
  • Stimulating high performance
  • Balancing the offer: what must, might and may be offered
  • Recruiting staff to the programme; closing the fairness gap
  • Managing the key staff
  • Working with parents to make it all work
  • Establishing priorities and refereeing the clashes
  • Communicating the offer


1 place £189 2 places £315 4 places £499

Seminar runs 10.00am – 3.30pm. Price includes lunch, refreshments and notes. Excludes VAT.

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