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Teaching High Quality Examination PE

With Will Swaithes

Dates & Venues

    Examination PE is often a challenging subject to teach, owing to the significant theoretical content requirements alongside an expectation to perform well in a variety of team/ individual sports. The reality in many schools is the requirement to teach a mixed ability, mixed gender and very mixed needs/ motivations class who have very different starting points and future interests. This webinar is aimed at teachers of all examination PE, including GCSE, A Level, BTEC and Cambridge Nationals. It will present current best practice in terms of teaching, learning and assessment strategies.


    • Understanding the landscape of examinations in PE and Sport
    • Review PE/ Sport qualification marketplace at level 2 and level 3
    • Improving the strategic approach to examination PE
    • Applying the best teaching, learning and assessment strategies
    • Getting the best results for all students
    • Take away 10 top tips for effective teaching and learning in PE


    SCHOOL SUBSCRIPTION  £120 (log in on up to five separate devices)  

    Webinar Runs from 7pm - 8.30pm. Price Excludes VAT. Recording available for 48 hours after the event.

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