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Full Membership is available to current employees of any independent school, who have responsibility for the leadership of some aspect of sport in their school. This may include a range of job titles including Director of Sport, Head of PE and/or Games and Teachers in Charge of one or more sports. More than one member of a school’s staff may be a Member. Members pay an annual subscription of £65.

Overseas Members

Overseas Membership is available to the leaders of sport in British style schools anywhere in the world. It will enable these members to keep in touch with educational developments within Britain, to exchange ideas and good practice with other overseas schools, and to be aware of job vacancies in the UK. It will also enable them to advertise positions abroad within the GB market. Overseas subscriptions are FREE.

All PADSIS Members will enjoy discounted rates at the annual conference and all training seminars.

Please fill out the form below and payment for UK membership will be invoiced to you

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