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The Ultimate Course For Aspiring Directors of Sport

with Neil Rollings

Dates & Venues

    Ultimate Course for Aspiring Directors of Sport

    This online course, delivered through 5 sessions of 90 minutes, is intended for anyone aspiring to be appointed as a Director of Sport in an Independent School. It combines material from the country’s longest running, and most popular, seminar on the role of the Director of Sport. It also features sessions on the process of applying for these positions, and undertaking the selection process. This understanding is a result of active participation in over 50 appointments of Directors of Sport over almost 20 years.

    This course is not a short cut to appointment, nor does it feature any gimmicks for interview techniques. It simply offers the most thorough understanding of the role, and a unique, unrivalled perspective on the process of application and selection.

    The course will include contributions from some of the country’s most experienced Directors of Sport, as well as insight from heads on the appointment process.

    In order to provide individual attention and feedback, the course will be restricted to 15 participants, with places allocated in order of receipt of applications. There will only be one course in the school year, and all sessions will take place from 7–8.30pm. Bookings will be invoiced in September before the commencement of the course. The course will be completed over the autumn term, in order to prepare candidates for the main appointment season in the new year.

    7–8.30pm Tuesday 5 October

    Leadership And Management In School Sport

    7–8.30pm Tuesday 12 October

    Culture Building And Quality Control

    7–8.30pm Tuesday 2 November

    Contemporary Issues In The Sports Programme

    7–8.30pm Tuesday 16 November

    Producing Strong Job Applications

    7–8.30pm Tuesday 23 November

    Optimal Performance In The Selection Process


    The course cost is £295 for the full 5 modules.
    These are not available separately.

    Price excludes VAT.

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