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Heads of Rugby Seminar - Meeting the new Challenges for School Rugby

With Neil Rollings

Dates & Venues

    This is a seminar for Heads of Rugby in schools of all types. It is presented in response to the incremental pressures on the game, which have grown over recent years. The challenges of running a successful Rugby programme have changed considerably, and this is reflected in the new responsibilities for heads of the game. The course will look at the ways in which schools can create proactive plans to address threats, developing modern programmes and inspiring communications that will enable them to approach the future with more confidence


    • Assessing the modern school Rugby landscape
    • Evaluating threats to the game in education
    • The impacts of adverse publicity
    • Identifying the successful school programme of the future
    • Choice, compulsion and culture
    • Retaining a critical mass of players
    • Collaboration and competition
    • The pursuit of high performance
    • Leading a team of coaches
    • Proactive communications
    • A strategy for the future
    • The role of the modern Head of Rugby


    SCHOOL SUBSCRIPTION  £120 (log in on up to five separate devices)  

    Webinar runs 7–8.30pm UK Time via Zoom. Price excludes VAT.

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