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Managing Contemporary Issues In School Sport

New Seminar for Contemporary Directors of Sport

Dates & Venues

    An Entirely New Seminar for Contemporary Directors of Sport

    This new seminar is aimed at experienced, current and aspiring Directors of Sport, who are seeking to future-proof their programme.  It will address all the challenges of contemporary school sport, and investigate ways in which provision can be made more relevant, inclusive and engaging.    It will consider changing trends, the emergence of new activities, workforce issues and the management of a diverse range of parents and colleagues

    • Compulsory experiences of sport in schools
    • Introducing and managing choice
    • Retention in traditional games
    • The team games programme of the future
    • Maintaining high performance
    • Innovative approaches to competition
    • Meaningful variety in physical activity
    • What does co-educational school sport mean?
    • Operating senior games afternoons with large numbers
    • The coaching workforce of the future
    • Managing and appraising heads of sport


    1 place £199

    2 places £329

    (not including VAT)

    Course runs 10am – 3.30pm. Prices include refreshments, lunch and resources.

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