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Trust or Bust—Why Relational Leadership Is Crucial to Your School

With Andrew McBride

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    Why do you trust the people you do? Why do people trust you? Teachers and coaches who generate strong relational trust bonds create higher performing schools and teams. This unique course is delivered by a successful school leader, who will share how to build purposeful cultures that increase the well-being of the whole community.Why do you trust the people you do?

    This seminar with enable you to:

    • Discover the principles of how to generate more trust in your organization.
    • Gain greater insight into the developing adolescent brain.
    • Utilise the hormonal and neurological structures that are essential for successful youth development.
    • Optimise your school culture for enhanced performance.


    SCHOOL SUBSCRIPTION  £120 (log in on up to five separate devices)  

    Price Excludes VAT

    Course runs 7pm until 8.30pm. We also record the webinar and this recording is available to view for 3 working days.

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