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The Director of Sport in an Independent School

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Due to the current COVID-19 situation, we do not have any courses scheduled. We will be releasing dates as soon as regulations change.

The Director of Sport in an Independent School
20% IAPS

This course is intended for recently appointed Directors of Sport, and those who intend to apply for these roles in the near future. The landscape of school sport has changed significantly in recent years, which has impacted upon this role, and what schools are now looking for in their appointments. The course seeks to clarify the success criteria of this position, and considers the role of the Director of Sport as a leader, and culture builder. The issues surrounding establishing a programme which can deliver performance and participation are also considered, along with topical issues such as compulsion, health and fitness and the future of team games. It also suggests how candidates for jobs can strengthen their applications, and prepare for interviews.

  • What is a Director of Sport?
  • Becoming a leader
  • Culture building and quality control
  • Leadership, management and administration
  • The importance of 360 degree leadership
  • Establishing aims and goals
  • Building structures and systems
  • Satisfying parental expectations 
  • Dealing with difficult colleagues
  • Creating the games programme
  • Participation v performance
  • Choice v compulsion 
  • Quality and equality
  • What does “Sport for All” really mean?
  • Building a communication strategy
  • Creating a culture of health and fitness
  • Working with the Head and Bursar


1 place £189 2 places £315 4 places £499

Seminar runs 10.00am – 3.30pm. Price includes lunch, refreshments and notes. Excludes VAT.

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