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Record & Analyse School Sport with Veo Technology

Record and Analyse sport with Veo Technology

Webinar with Veo

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    Veo helps every school, team and player level up their game and sport. We do it with a simple and portable camera that automatically records and live-streams sports and a state-of-the-art analysis platform, all powered by AI.

    With a combination of advanced AI technology and ease of use, we have made this whole process available for everybody, and Veo has become a natural part of sports worldwide.

    With the Veo Cam 2, you can live-stream your games. Let friends, fans, parents and family who can’t be there in person go through all the emotions of exciting victories and cruel defeats – when they happen. There truly isn’t anything like watching sports live.

    • What is Veo and how does it work. 
    • How can Veo benefit you as a coach or school. 
    • How to Analyse Sport using Veo; the basic features (create highlights, tag players, draw of screen etc.)
    • How does Veo analysis work in different sports (Rugby, Football, Netball, Hockey, Basketball)
    • How is Veo used by schools for GCSE assessment.
    • Q&A: The opportunity to ask the Veo team anything else you need to know!


    SCHOOL SUBSCRIPTION  £120 (log in on up to five separate devices)  

    Price excludes VAT

    Webinar runs 7pm to 8.30pm. A recording of the webinar will be sent out the following day. This will be available for 2 working days to view.

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