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PADSIS Conference 2018

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PADSIS Conference for Directors of Sport - March 2022

National Conference for Directors of Sport in Independent Schools

Restoring School Sport

3–4 March 2021 at Jurys Inn, Oxford

The tremendous news is that the PADSIS Conference should be back to normal in 2022. The theme of the event will be Restoring School Sport. Sessions will focus on the role of the Director of Sport in leading the process of re-building and restoring school sport.

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Heads of Sport Webinar

This new seminar is intended for aspiring or recently appointed heads of a sport in a school.  It will consider the priorities for these roles, and how these have changed in recent years. 

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Managing Contemporary Issues In School Sport

This new seminar is aimed at experienced, current and aspiring Directors of Sport, who are seeking to future-proof their programme.  It will address all the challenges of contemporary school sport, and investigate ways in which provision can be made more relevant, inclusive and engaging.    It will consider changing trends, the emergence of new activities, workforce issues and the management of a diverse range of parents and colleagues

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The Director of Sport in Girls’ Schools

This new seminar is intended to support current, and aspiring, Directors of Sport in the girls’ school sector.  It will look at the unique challenges that these schools face in maintaining a successful programme of physical education and school sport, and suggest strategies for addressing these.

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The Power of Feedback

This Zoom webinar illustrates how a High Performance Environment can reach its maximum potential through the power of feedback. The art of feedback plays a vital part in all schools and within all departments when dealing with players, teachers and coaches. This webinar highlights the important components of giving and receiving feedback to build towards a positive, pro-active and thriving environment.

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The Ultimate Course For Aspiring Directors of Sport

This five-part, online, course provides everything necessary to maximise applications for these positions.  The first two Units will explain the role of the Director of Sport as leader, cultural architect and quality controller: the third will consider programme issues and priorities.  The final two sessions will consider all dimensions of the job application and selection process to enable candidates to present themselves at their very best.  

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