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PADSIS Conference 2018

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National Conference for Directors of Sport in Independent Schools – 2–3 March 2023 at Oxford

National Conference for Directors of Sport in Independent Schools

Leading into the Future

7–8 March 2024 at Leonardo Royal Hotel, Oxford

The theme for the 2024 PADSIS Conference is leading a culture in which sport and exercise are valued within schools, by students, staff and parents.

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Managing Contemporary Issues In School Sport

This new seminar is aimed at experienced, current and aspiring Directors of Sport, who are seeking to future-proof their programme.  It will address all the challenges of contemporary school sport, and investigate ways in which provision can be made more relevant, inclusive and engaging.    It will consider changing trends, the emergence of new activities, workforce issues and the management of a diverse range of parents and colleagues

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New to Running a School Sports Team

This new course is intended for teachers and coaches who will be running school sports teams for the first time.  It will cover everything that a novice team coach needs to know in managing a happy and successful team that makes progress and leaves players wanting to come back the year after.  This includes managing opportunities, communicating with parents and developing players through creative, effective coaching.

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