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PADSIS conference 2020

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Welcome to PADSIS

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Welcome to the Professional Association of Directors of Sport in Independent Schools

Welcome to the Professional Association of Directors  of Sport in Independent Schools

PADSIS exists to enhance the quality of leadership and management of sport in independent schools

This body which is endorsed by HMC, GSA, IAPS and ISA, supports the work of teachers responsible for leading the games programme in independent schools of all types.  It aims to help Directors of Sport, Assistant Directors of Sport, SLT, Heads of Department – and people aspiring to these roles – to enhance their leadership and management abilities and to be more effective in delivering a sports programme to meet the needs of the Twenty First century.

PADSIS will provide an environment to encourage the development of strategic vision, together with the application of leadership skills.  This might enable teachers to critically examine the nature and quality of what they provide for pupils of all abilities and levels of enthusiasm.

The place of sport in independent schools, and the expectation of parents, continues to change and evolve.  Nothing in the training of teachers prepares them for the challenge of this unique role, which is fundamental to the market position of every school. The place of PADSIS is to encourage reflection, discussion, the sharing of information and the adaptation of leadership education.

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Upcoming events

Conference for Directors of Sport in Prep Schools

Conference for  Directors of Sport in Prep Schools, 15 May 2020

This event has been postponed. We are hoping to reschedule for November 2020.

The landscape of prep school sport is a turbulent and rapidly changing one. The Conference programme aims to assist Directors of Sport to raise their awareness of current issues, and develop strategies to address them. This Conference will be of interest to all schools who are impacted by the challenges which prep school sport faces, and wish to build a contemporary strategy to address them.

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National Conference for Directors of Sport in Independent Schools

Thursday 17 June 2021 at Jurys Inn, Oxford

National Conference for Directors of Sport  in Independent Schools - June 2021

The 2021 PADSIS Conference was always destined to be different. Moving the date to the summer term in the hope of running a face to face event appears to have been justified: unless something unexpected happens, this now seems certain. It has become possible to offer accommodation, though, sadly, the usual conference dinner remains prohibited by enduring restrictions.

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The Ultimate Course For Aspiring Directors of Sport

Ultimate Course for Aspiring Directors of Sport

This online course, delivered through 5 sessions of 90 minutes, is intended for anyone aspiring to be appointed as a Director of Sport in an Independent School. It combines material from the country’s longest running, and most popular, seminar on the role of the Director of Sport.

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