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National Conference for Directors of Sport in Independent Schools - February 2020

National Conference for Directors of Sport in Independent Schools

Welcome to the Eleventh annual PADSIS Conference. This is the principal gathering of Directors of Sport in Independent Schools in the UK, and an unrivalled opportunity to keep abreast of current developments, and network with like minded professionals. Programme, booking and speakers to be announced. View details


All PADSIS Seminars are run by Independent Coach Education. By clicking on the links below you will be taken to the ICE website where you will be able to book online.

Becoming a Director of Rugby in Independent Schools

This course is aimed at teachers and coaches who have been recently appointed to this position, or who aspire to achieve this in the future.

Conference for Co-curricular Deputy Heads

Supporting Co-Curricular provision is an increasingly complex issue.  As school programmes become more extensive and intricate, taking place in an increasing variety of venues, the task of managing it all becomes more challenging.  This Conference will provide an opportunity to share experiences, consider case studies and network with like minded professionals in what is an emerging field of educational leadership.

Dealing with Parents in School Sport

Parents vary widely in what they want – and don’t want – for their children from school sport.  Directors of Sport identify relationships with parents as the most demanding dimension of their role. This new course is aimed at helping them to cope with the requirements and aspirations of all types of parents in independent schools.

Developing and Managing a Sports Scholarship Programme

This seminar looks at the entire process of building an industry leading Award programme, encouraging applications, running a selection mechanism based on the science of talent identification and then optimising the contribution of Award holders once they are in the school. 

Educational Visit Coordinator Training Seminar

This course is based on the National Guidance produced by the 'Outdoor Education Advisors' Panel and comes with their resources.

EVC Update Training Day

This certificated course is based on the National Guidance provided by the ‘Outdoor Education Adviser’s Panel’  (OEAP) and each attendee will take away a comprehensive resource pack provided by OEAP.

Mental Health and Wellbeing in School Sport

This Conference looks at the wider implications of physical activity for the mental and physical health of teenagers. It considers the potential impacts of sport and exercise on wellbeing, and the ways in which schools’ decisions and policies have significant consequences for individual pupils.

Sixth Annual EVC Conference

This Conference exists to keep practitioners abreast of developments in their responsibilities, as well as efficiencies in coping with the burden of compliance.

The Co-curricular Assistant Head in Independent Schools

This is a new seminar which is intended to support newly appointed Co-Curricular Deputy or Assistant Heads – or those aspiring to these positions. 

The Director of Sport in a Prep School

This is a popular seminar, suitable for teachers leading sport in prep schools as well as those who aspire to do so.  It aims to address the issues faced by sport in this unique sector.

The Director of Sport in an Independent School

This is a long running and popular seminar, which is intended for recently appointed Directors of Sport, and those who intend to apply for these roles in the near future.